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Acase Supreme Pro Galaxy S4 Case Black

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Acase Supreme Pro Case Galaxy S4 - Dual Layer Protective Case - Dual Layer Design - Japanese Coating - Strong Armor - Anti-Fingerprint - Anti-Scratch & Anti-Dust

The Acase Dual-Layer has been receiving excellent reviews since its launch. With a wonderful touch, you can rest assured that it offers great protection, as if your cell phone is wrapped in gloves. Now continuing with its optimal standards, Acase has added the advanced Samsung S4 model to the new Acase Supreme Series with high hardness (UV coating), proudly made in Taiwan.

Custom-made for Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the Acase Supreme Series is equipped with double buffer protection to provide better protection and enhanced operational feel without compromising the brilliant appearance of the cell phone. What’s even more exciting, with high weather-resistant material, Acase developed a new generation of silicone that withstands prolonged use and free from dust. Without becoming soft or sticky, it retains elasticity and is guaranteed for use over many years.

The Acase Samsung Galaxy S4 Supreme Pro, a double-layer cell phone case made exclusively for the S4, is wrapped with silicone in the interior to protect against scratching. The exterior is made from impact resistant PC that does not hold fingerprints or dust. In addition, it is easy to clean and comfortable to hold. Moreover, the two sides of the case are designed to be slightly thicker than the cell phone so that the screen is well protected from scratches, and any impact can be largely reduced if the phone falls. Anyone may happen to drop their phone in their daily life, and Acase protects your precious cell phone by taking both texture and safety into consideration. The Acase Samsung Galaxy S4 Supreme Pro is designed to protect against slipping and dropping, and your S4 will not directly contact a table surface. In any case, if your cell phone falls, it can be well protected.

Acase realizes your demands for safety and protection, and brings an unprecedented feel that re-embraces the original silhouette texture, allowing you to be fashionable anytime and anywhere, as you show off your vibrant style while you move around freely in the fast-paced city. The Acase Samsung Galaxy S4 Supreme Pro is undoubtedly your best choice for fashion and simplicity, safety and protection!