WARNING: This product contains nicotine. 

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Funky Farms CBD

Funky Farm - CBD Disposable Pods 100mg+ (9 packs)

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The convinient pods are all you need to start vaping our premium full specture formula in one easy device

  • No Messy Refilling
  • No Confusing Bottons
  • No Charging
  • Disposable When Finished


Apple Jack Pear

No longer only for breakfast! Fruity and earthy with a tart finish  and sweet apple zest. The pear aromas combine with sweet sliced apples and our delicious hemp extract. The perfect balance for warm, soothing relaxation throughout the day.


Blueberry Gelato

Our Blueberry Gelato is a groovy fruit blend of toasty berries and cream with aromas that are wonderfully intoxicating. Let this fabled formulation fascinate your test buds and leave you with pure satisfaction and joy.


Peach Tangie

This fruity hybrid ill leave you with happy, uplifting effects alongside a mellow body euphoria. It scores big in taste and slum dunks with power. Imagine a tall glass of freshly squeezed peaches and tangerines in cloud form and that’s peach Tangie.