WARNING: This product contains nicotine. 

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Single eGo CE4 Blister Pack Kit - 1100mAh

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eGo CE4 Blister Pack with 1100mAh eGo battery and CE4

It's a single eGo CE4 Starter Kit - blister pack

eGo CE4 Blister pack is a single ecigarette kit, it's a simplest ecigarette kit but have everything excluded e-liquid to starter vape. eGo CE4 blister pack composed by an eGo battery, CE4 clearomizer and usb cable packed by blister. Ecigarette Blister Pack is the most economical starter kit

eGo CE4 starter kit is a clearomizer ecigarette comes with best quality CE4, and HGB/Desay A Grade Battery cells.

The eGo battery has five clicks and 15 seconds protection system, 5-clicks the button to turn off or turn on the battery, also it's have 15 seconds power cut protection, pressing the button 15 seconds and the battery will stop to supply power to the atomizer.

The eGo CE4 blister pack kit is a classic kit in the market, it's also the best selling starter kit. Buy also can change the CE4 clearomizer to CE5, CE6, MT3, LED T8, mini CE4/esmart clearomizer, ivape s1, T3S, mini MT3, mini protank 2...

eGo CE4 blister pack Included:

- 1 x eGo battery
- 1 x CE4 clearomizer
- 1 x USB charger
- 1 x Blist pack